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The purpose of Pølle Racing Team is to collect funds for social change and create awareness about the Worlds most travelled Hotdog Stand's activities.   

About Pølle Racing Team

Pølle Racing Team is an amateur Go-Kart team consisting of a number of drivers, who's purpose is to create awareness about vulnerable groups of children and create positive social change. The concept is simple: The drivers compete against each other to collect funds. The funds come from sponsors, who pay 10-30 DKK. per lap the drivers do.  

All the funds collected will be used for The Worlds most travelled Hotdog Stand's work - creating positiv social change. 

Team sponsor

As a company you have the opportunity to become Team Sponsor. 

If you want to know more, contact Team Manager: Claudio Amdisen
312 155 30 / ca@fannyposselt.dk


Pølle Racing Team 2018 consists of:

Team Sponsors:
Racehall, Kjær Sommerfeldt, Nørgaard Teknik og DINO kart. 

Mens team: Martin Jørgensen, Steffen Rasmussen, Thomas Helveg, Jesper Grønkjær, Tom Kristensen, Mads R. Thomsen, Mark F. Kamstrup, Jannik Nielsen, Jesper Nyvang Pedersen, Marcus Mose and Victor Conrad Spliid Jensen.
Womens team: Emma Weinreich, Line Sønderskov, Regina Grynnerup and Isabella Nadia Kjeldbjerg. 

Team Manager:
Claudio Amdisen.

Pit Bosses:
John Amdisen og Morten Jensen

Team owner:
Fanny Posselt.

To compensate for the Co2 emission, the Worlds most travelled Hotdog Stand have secured 3005 m2 of rainforest in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua. 3005 m2 rainforest would deduce approx. 195 tons of Co2 if cut down - in comparison an average Dane deduces 10 tons of Co2 a year. 


Read more about 2016 og '17 results - Click here.    


Top from left: Mads R. Thomsen, Mark F. Kamstrup og Martin Jørgensen.

Bottom from left: Nicolaj Kandborg, Jannik Nielsen,
Fanny Posselt, Thomas Helveg og Steffen Rasmussen.

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