As a private individual or as an educational institution, you can be part of World's most travelled Hotdog Stand's crispy network and help us create positive social change for vulnerable children and their families around the world.

For more information, send us a message, and we will get in touch.

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We are happy to present our Hot Cool Members - honorary members of Hotties family:

  • Mr. Hiremath - India, social entrepreneur and owner of Flexitron.
  • Laura Lykkegaard - SOuth Africa, Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador, owner of Cape Capacity.
  • Andy Stefanovich - USA, Prophet.
  • Anders Drejer - Denmark, professor at Aalborg University and author.
  • Karin Barreth - Denmark, former chief secretary at Kaos Pilots for 20 years.
  • Erik Rasmussen - Denmark, former professional football player and coach for 30 years.  
  • Anonymous - Denmark, business man for at longer periode of time.
  • Martin Jørgensen - Denmark, former professional football player. 
  • Thomas Helveg - Denmark, former professional football player.
  • Morten Jensen - Denmark, voluntary. 
  • Peter Palland - Denmark, voluntary

Cool Members 

  • Per Dahl Christiansen 
  • Heidi Marie Vibholm
  • Jan Thybo
  • Ketty Posselt
  • Kaos Pilots, Aarhus
  • VIA University Viborg
  • Per Posselt 
  • Arentze Hald
  • Kristine Hald 


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