Only in cooperation with our Cool Dogs are we able to make a difference for vulnerable children and their families.  

As a business you have the opportunity of becoming a Cool Dog and share experience-based communication internally and externally, storytelling that strengthens your CSR profile, creates business relationships, and builds brands as well as social change that lives out your values and strengthens the social bottom line.

Is your businnes interested in beeing a Cool Dog? Send us a message, and we will get in touch.


What is a Cool Dog?

Our Cool Dogs are our customers and business partners, who help us inspire and create positive social change for vulnerable children and their families locally and golbally. It is only together with our Cool Dogs that we have the opportunity to rectify the injustices that exist around the world.

Our Cool Dogs are ranked in different catagories and count 18 amazing businesses in 2018.


Cool Dogs 2018:


Cool Dogs 2017
Pølle Racing Team
Social Change - Happy children in China
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